Red Bull Racing & Infiniti – F1 Grand Prix 2012


Earlier this year I was comissioned by TBWA to create a series of visual artworks for Red Bull Racing and Infiniti for the Forumla 1 Grand Prix Championship 2012.
From the conceptual stage of the visuals to its essence, the idea revolved around creating a visual depth for statistics and data, which merely seem 2D but they translate into an integral part of the race, cars and teams. It was just not about purely data and numbers but a dimension of energy and force they provide to everyone involved. So I created a series of 3 visuals for Spain, Italy/ Monza and India. The artwork was based around an element of the car which expresses itself through a 3 Dimensional data emerging and transforming through the spirit of the car and a connection of each race for each country was derived through the colours of its flags.
Below you can view the posters, making of the spanish grand prix time-lapse video and a video of sebastian vettel and infiniti team on the art of performance along with the details of the visuals. Hope you enjoy them! Thank you!


red bull racing / Infiniti / tbwa


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