Archan Nair

Visual Artist New Delhi, India

Digital and Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator moving through the symphony of this cosmical projection.

Archan Nair is a self developed artist , Art Director and illustrator, based out of New Delhi, India.
Specializing in Mixed media, Illustration, and Digital Art, he has been producing visual art and interactive designs for Canon, Tiger Beer, Boss, Dodge, Microsoft, GQ, Sony etc. and he has been featured in various publications like Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop,GQ, Bak, Vanity Fair, and has been featured by Music Artists like Kanye West and more.
His vision has been to create highly intricate work inspired by various phases or moments of life.


Sony Nike Infiniti Red Bull General Motors Yahoo! Vogue Conde Nast Canon Dodge Chevrolet


Digital Art Digital Illustration Mixed Media Illustration


Digital Art Photoshop Illustration Drawing